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The rounds with cumulative anti-tank grenade are designed for destroying all modern types of tanks, self-propelled guns and other armoured vehicles. It can also be used against enemy troops and weapon emplacements in trenches, field shelters or in brick-wall forifications.

The offensive hand grenade is designed for the offensive fight in order to confuse the unsheltered living force of the enemy by noise, blast and light chips.

The defensive hand grenade is designed to destroy the living force in unsheltered areas and light camp works.

The multipurpose hand grenade is used to destroy the personnel and light constructions. It consist of a prefragmented cylindrical body filled with explosive composition. It can be used in three variants: defensive, offensive, high explosive-hollow charge.

Products for the maintenance of public order are used by order organs against aggressive actions of some persons or groups of persons which trouble the public silence and order.


The MT 12-2D.M tractor, built in U.M. MIJA, is a minitractor on wheels designed to perform various agricultural and light transport operations in complete with its own machinery. MT 12-2D.M. is a low power tractor, equipped with 3 LD 450 engine of 12.5 hp / 3000 rpm and air cooling. The wide range of tractor use is provided by the asynchronous power take-off and 3 + 1 speed range and a two-stage reducer.

Specification ( available only in Romanian)

Minitractor MT 12-2 DM Accessories

  • Seeding-machine

DIMENSIONS: 660 X 1200 X 960 mm.
– FOR SEEDS : 10,8 l.
Adjustable distance between rows: 400-900 mm.
ADJUSTMENTS: density adjusting with the help of chain wheels
PRODUCTIVITY :3000 m2 /h.

  • Cultivator

Type: Carried;
Width: 1,4 m;
Depth : 6 – 12 cm;
INDEPENDENT Module: 2 pcs;
PRODUCTIVITY : 8500 m2 /h;

  • Milling machine

DIMENSIONS: 845 X 340 X 1345 mm.
Width: 820 mm.
Depth: 100 mm.
Active Blades: 24.
Transporting ground clearance: min. 300 mm.
PRODUCTIVITY: 3500 m2 /h.

  • Snowplough

DIMENSIONS: 1400X750X550 mm.
Tilt Adjusting Mechanism


The M-1000 motor pump is a wheeled motorized pump designed to carry out various tasks and activities that require the transport and tapping of water: irrigation, pumping of dirty liquids, interventions in cold or hot water sewers, discharges of domestic and residual water, drainage of water from industrial channels, eliminating the effects of floods, etc. The M-1000 is a low-power motor pump, equipped with 4-stroke DIESEL engine, 3 LD 450 type 12.5 hp / 3000 rpm and air-cooling. Can be transported manually to the pumping station.

M1000 technical specifications (available only in Romanian)


• Spare parts for agricultural tractors (conical group, satellite hub, complete satellite housing, sliding gear wheel speed I and IV, speed gearing gear II and III, pressure plate, rivet, satellite axle, shaft control unit, final transmission pinion , satellite ensemble, gear wheel IV and V)
• Spare parts for grain harvesters (C12, CP12) – zoning z = 24, z = 35, primary axle z = 13, glider sprocket, secondary axle assembly, auxiliary axle z = 17, axle sliding fork, axle grooved, protective washer, adjusting washer II, long fork, safety lock, satellite semicircle, half stop brake, crown differential.
• R8-14 Roller Bearing Gear Unit Parts – Gear Wheels z = 41, z = 33, z = 16, z = 24, Clutch, Inner Friction Plate, External Friction Plate, Pressure Plate, Inverter Shaft, , right clutch block, left clutch block, assembled dog, engine socket, platen, pillar, z = 13 sprocket.
• Valves and greases.
• Gearboxes that equips Roman-AK5 trucks and AK5 and AK6 gearboxes.
• Tools, devices, checkers and molds.

  • Mechanical machining: turning on CNC machines, milling machines CNC 3 ÷ 5 axes (grooves, evolving teeth), flat grinding Ø inside and outside, broaching, threading, spring springs.
  • Thermal and thermochemical treatments: normalization, cementation, carbonitration, nitration in the gaseous medium, improvements (quenching), sandblasting.
  • Plastics processing.
  • Galvanic coatings: cadmium, hard chrome plating, copper plating, tinning, galvanizing, silvering, brining, phosphating, anodising and nickel plating.
  • Metrological services: mechanical tests (resilience, pressure, mechanical shock, traction, metallographic determinations, chemical composition analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, pressure measurements, temperatures, hardness, electrical quantities.